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Last updated: 3/23/20

General art-making...


What’s great about drawing is all you need is a piece of paper and a pencil, pen or marker. Maybe some crayons or colored markers if you’ve got them to add color.


- At 1pm every day Mo Willems (of "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" and other books is leading kids in a daily doodle! 

- Here is a cool little book you can print out and complete!

PDF of Little Book of ME

- This website has a ton of fun drawing tutorials and coloring sheets to print:


- The Artful Parent has a lot of helpful activities: 

- This is a drawing game online. It is very fast, but if your student is quick and always wins at Pictionary, they'll probably be great at it!:

- This website has a LOT of great stuff, including a lot of drawing activities: 


Obviously to do any kind of painting at home you need, well... paint, so I understand that some households might not have those supplies. 

- Okay, so I've been looking for a while now for painting tutorials and I can't find any that aren't dumb or cost money. Maybe I will make my own... PLEASE know that there is no right or wrong in art. If you have the supplies (paint, brushes, cup for water, paper or cardboard or canvas or styrofoam) - just let your students explore!


- One very fun thing to do if you have paintbrushes is to let your child simply paint with water on colored paper. It's very relaxing and creative and there's no mess!


- The Artful Parent has painting activities, but they tend to require a lot of stuff: 

- This is a fun online game where you can create your own piece of street art or graffiti. Plus you can share the art you've made with kids all over the world!: 

- Another online art-making game which is pretty meditative!

- The Tate Modern has some great online resources for kids, including drawing, painting, sculpture and more:


I love doing what I call "crafts" because you can use random stuff you have lying around the house. There are also some mask and puppet-making activities in the PERFORMANCE tab.

- A good overall crafting site for kids with free printouts and other resources:

- Another one that uses stuff you can find around the house:

- On this site a bunch of elementary teachers put up their best crafting ideas:

These crafts are mostly made using paper and other simple ingredients:

Virtual art museums…

Can't get to the art museum?!? Well some are able to come to you...

- Google arts and culture has a bunch: 


- Tour the Louvre in Paris!

-The Smithosian National Museum in Washington D.C. Here's a fun idea - tour the museum and choose a favorite exhibit or animal and draw it!

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